Benefits And Advantages Of Hiring A Fractional CFO

Running a successful business requires great strategic and tactical advice when you need it. And this is exactly the role the Fractional CFO can fulfill. That’s why hiring a Fractional CFO has become a popular solution for many companies. With the help of their expertise and counsel, you can achieve your strategic objectives and current performance goals while building a sustainable and scalable infrastructure.

In this post, we’re going to explore the benefits and advantages of a Fractional CFO and how it can help you unlock growth in your business.

What Is A Fractional CFO ?

A Fractional CFO is an experienced, professional Chief Financial Officer who works with start-up to middle-market companies, when the company needs them.

How do Fractional CFOs work with clients? Based on the company’s needs, a Fractional CFO could work anywhere from one to several hours per week in an advisory role, to more hands-on for several days per week. A Fractional CFO needs to be flexible and accommodate accordingly as their client’s business scales up or down. For more intensive needs such as an M&A transaction, system implementation, or equity/debt raise, much more effort will be required and an effective Fractional CFO will be able to accommodate those situations. 

How Do You Select The Right Fractional CFO?

hiring a fractional CFO - how to select the best candidate

As companies consider whether bringing in a Fractional CFO would be beneficial to their organization, there are both pros and cons to consider. The benefits include having access to an experienced professional who has worked in senior finance positions at companies of all sizes; reduced overhead costs associated with hiring and training a full-time CFO; increased scalability as the needs of the company grow or shrink; flexibility in terms of when you get access to this expertise. Conversely, there may be limitations when it comes to ongoing operations management and development, due to limited availability of the Fractional CFO.

No matter which option makes more sense for an organization based on its unique needs, one thing is certain:  having access to an experienced general finance counsel can pay off in tangible ways for any business. This is why it makes sense for many organizations today to look into employing a Fractional CFO. After all, if time is money – hiring a Fractional CFO might just prove to be a sound investment over time. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the specific benefits that come with having access to a Fractional CFO.

Benefits Of A Fractional CFO

The advantages of utilizing a Fractional CFO are many. First and foremost, it allows smaller businesses to reap the benefits of having access to a seasoned professional without the need to commit to a full-time financial executive. This type of cost-efficient solution can give smaller firms a competitive edge by allowing them to devote more resources towards developing their products, services, or proprietary processes. A Fractional CFO also offers the flexibility to tap into specialized industry knowledge far beyond what an internal accountant could provide.

For those companies that already have in-house accountants or operations that require minimal management attention, the addition of a Fractional CFO can still help bring long-term value. In most cases, these finance professionals possess higher levels of expertise than traditional staffers and are typically experienced with modelling for success or developing strategies for growth. Additionally, introducing outside perspective can breathe new life into approaches regarding how data is collected, analyzed, and reported – which can lead to a more focused forecasting outlook.

Overall, Fractional CFOs tend to be more flexible than permanent hires, while providing greater insight into leveraging performance data as well as streamlining operational capabilities. An effective strategy should not only include regular meetings with the corporate team but should also involve routine reviews of key metrics such as cash flow, budgeting/projections, as well as activity around capital investments – all with an eye towards mitigating risks and realizing growth opportunities. With these advantages in mind, it’s easy to see why this type of financial executive is being tapped more frequently by business owners.

Still, now the question begs:  how can companies ensure they’re making the best use of this resource? The answer lies in improved financial control – controlling costs while staying on top of current trends and cash flows. To get started down this path properly, we must first consider how organizations are able to monitor and act on financial data going forward.

Improved Financial Control

Having a Fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can provide improved financial control. With a CFO in place, businesses are less likely to make impulsive decisions, and have clearer insight into their finances. Financial control also allows for the identification of risks or red flags that may otherwise be overlooked. This is especially important for startups that typically don’t have an internal controller or CFO, as many venture capitalists will require evidence of strong financial control and accountability before investing. However, it is not always necessary to hire a full-time employee to take on the role of a CFO – this is where Fractional CFOs prove their value.

Hiring a Fractional CFO makes sense for companies that want assistance with financial matters but don’t need someone to work at the company full-time. One of the advantages of hiring a Fractional CFO are that companies can still maintain effective control over their finances without having to commit long-term. While some business owners may prefer more direct control over their finances, others may recognize the benefits of a Fractional CFO, such as increased visibility across accounts and spending.

Whether an organization has opted for traditional or Fractional CFO services, improved financial oversight provides peace of mind and assurance that the business is headed in the right direction strategically. Now that we’ve explored some of the benefits of hiring a Fractional CFO, let’s examine how implementing such services can lead to greater efficiency when it comes to budgeting.

Faster Growth Planning

benefits of hiring a fractional CFO include faster growth planning

Growth planning is a critical pursuit for business owners in need of financing, or those seeking to expand their operations. With the help of a Fractional CFO, you can accurately assess and plan faster than ever before. For starters, CFOs have access to market data, industry best practices, and financial models that provide accurate insights into areas of potential growth. Furthermore, these models allow for the forecasting of future events based on current growth trends. This not only helps you determine where to direct resources and how much money to invest in expansions, but also allows you to react quickly when opportunities suddenly arise.

This speed is especially advantageous for start-ups that operate on a limited budget and typically lack experienced staff. Additionally, as an experienced financial professional develops strategic solutions based on specific data, it can open doors to emerging markets much sooner than anticipated. Even companies that are more established can benefit from faster growth planning as it’s often difficult for even C-level executives to spot slow growth until it’s too late.

However, the success of any growth plan lies in its execution; the Fractional CFO is the one that helps you bring it to life. Taking strategic actions backed by reliable data and forecasts ensures quicker returns on investment while reducing mistakes commonly associated with competing plans.

Hiring a Fractional CFO can not only boost quicker growth for your company, but will also help you keep track of potential risks, ensuring smoother transitions when implementing expansive plans. To truly capitalize on this advantage and unlock business growth an effective strategy is essential, and working with an experienced Fractional CFO can make the process much smoother. By easing the process of building a cohesive growth plan that follows sound financial decisions, a business can focus its resources and attention where it matters most:  helping them reach their ultimate goals faster than ever. So who stands to gain the most from this? Let’s take a look at who may benefit the most from hiring a Fractional CFO.

  • According to the American Management Association, companies that hire Fractional or part-time CFOs can save up to 50% on costs compared to a full-time hire.
  • A survey of over 200 companies conducted in 2019 found that 75% saw an improvement in their financial planning and budgeting as a result of hiring a Fractional CFO.
  • Research has shown that businesses with a dedicated Fractional CFO have better financial decision-making capabilities, resulting in higher growth rates and increased profitability. 

Who Can Benefit From A Fractional CFO?

The benefits of a Fractional CFO for faster growth planning are not limited to larger enterprises. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can reap the same advantages of hiring a Fractional CFO on an as-needed basis. Many ambitious business owners may feel that engaging a Fractional CFO is unnecessary, believing this is a service they can’t really afford. On the one hand, it is true that smaller businesses don’t have the same financial resources as large corporations, so any investment needs to be carefully considered. However, it’s also important to understand how essential financial expertise and direction can be in achieving long-term success.

For companies that already have some in-house finance and accounting personnel, hiring a Fractional CFO to review existing systems and processes with a view to enhanced performance and greater returns may prove to be a sound investment. They may even recommend additional tools, outsourcing services, or other strategies to improve efficiency and organizational effectiveness. Alternatively, new startups can use the skills of a Fractional CFO to create and implement appropriate financial management processes from the very beginning. This approach can be particularly useful when pitching business plans to banks, investors, or venture capitalists who always want assurances that potential investments are soundly backed up by financial data.

Fractional CFOs therefore offer a cost-effective solution for rapid growth planning for start-ups, or for established companies looking for fresh perspectives or improved operational practices. Furthermore, as entrepreneurs and small businesses look for ways to realize cost savings or see fruitful returns without investing huge amounts of money in their operations, hiring a part-time financial expert could provide just the answer they need. In this way, delegating certain tasks to an experienced professional could prove to be an extremely farsighted decision resulting in exceptional outcomes. The next section will explore these ideas further.

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

entrepreneurs and small businesses can benefit from hiring a fractional CFO

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are increasingly turning to Fractional CFOs in order to drive growth within their businesses. By bringing in a financial expert on a part-time, ‘as-needed’ basis, entrepreneurs and small business owners can benefit greatly.

When running a smaller operation, it is not always feasible to hire a full-time CFO. It can be cost-prohibitive – while many larger businesses have the resources to invest in full-time financial officers, it may not make sense for smaller operations. In these cases, hiring a Fractional CFO can offer the same benefits of a full-timer at a fraction of the cost – you get the expertise you need, when you need it.

Furthermore, a Fractional CFO provides flexibility for entrepreneurs and small businesses – you only pay for their services as needed. Moreover, it allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to test out different strategies that could potentially benefit their business without having to commit to long-term contracts or potential overheads. This kind of flexibility also allows entrepreneurs and businesses to tap into external knowledge from someone with experience outside of their own organization.

In addition, access to a Fractional CFO allows small business owners to finally have someone on board who IS EXPERT IN finance and accounting. The Fractional CFO’s primary goal is to support organizational growth through strategic planning and control procedures. These are skills which entrepreneurs alone may not possess in terms of managing growth well, but are integral for business success.

Overall, the biggest advantage for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for guidance on financial matters lies with tapping into the expertise of an experienced CFO on an as-needed basis.

How Can A Fractional CFO Help A Growing Business?

A Fractional CFO can provide a growing business with the support it needs to maximize growth potential by helping them stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing marketplace. With expert insight and guidance, a Fractional CFO can develop strategies to maximize sales, maximize cash flow, and minimize costs.

In summation, a Fractional CFO is an invaluable asset for any business in need of experienced strategic guidance and professional expertise. By utilizing this role to its fullest extent, a growing business will be able to unlock their real potential for success.

If you feel hiring a Fractional CFO may be the solution for your business, give us a call.


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