Jody Ruth, CPA, NACD.DC


Ambitious problem solver and prolific connector. 

Jody Ruth has a long-standing track record of achieving financial and operational success for companies by proactively bringing opportunities to the surface and creating action plans to achieve operating goals and to increase company value. She is a respected speaker on metrics effectiveness, achieving goals, strategic CFOs, and a frequent facilitator for business roundtables.

Ms. Ruth’s expertise identifying, applying, and evaluating customized suites of financial and operational metrics for optimal decision-making is the key to her clients’ success. She is an expert at developing cost effective and scalable financial processes and appropriate internal control structures.

Jody A Ruth, Founder of AccuMetrics LLC

Driving Success

  • Developed carrier relationships and leading efforts for structuring deal terms for a major media company creating a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).
  • Served as CFO for a mobile satellite service provider through its high-growth period, managing cash and production, ensuring the business was self-funded and profitable, and culminating in its sale to a public company.
  • Developed customer profitability models for a advertising agency, resulting in negotiations with a major customer that led to a doubling of profit.
  • Developed a revised operating plan for a venture-backed Healthcare Tech company that was successfully implemented by the company to achieve its operational goals.
  • Identified the need for a revised strategy to include productization of IP for a professional services firm, resulting in record growth from implementing this strategy.
  • Revised the selling strategy for a marketing agency for individual projects to a multi-year blanket agreement with specifics to be specified throughout the term. The win-win result was an immediate backlog in excess of current year revenues and increased efficiency for both customers and client due to focus on delivery and not negotiations.
  • Implemented subscription management systems to further automate billing and revenue recognition in SaaS and Telecom.

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