How We Work

We work as a closely connected team to provide your accounting and finance services through:

  • Team Leaders tasked with being the lead communicator with you and coordinator of your work to make sure it is done on time. Your team leader is also responsible for reviewing your work to ensure our internal quality standards are met.
  • Communication process that ensures quick and easy internal access between team members so there are no delays in our ability to act on your requests and no frustration on your part from trying to contact many people.
  • Processes and training for all our team members that are internally developed, proprietary and documented for all our services.
  • On-boarding procedures for all our clients that are internally developed, proprietary, and documented, including checklists to make sure your transition to our services occurs as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Quality review processes to ensure our work has been completed according to plan and up to our standards. Additionally, while we know that there will be moments that you need information in draft form, we will identify what is complete, what is still outstanding and how the incomplete work may impact the draft information.
  • Responsiveness through a team and business management approach that ensures we respond to your requests timely, even in the event unexpected needs arise.