Turnaround Action Plan

Do you know which actions can make the biggest difference to cash flow?  Which actions make the most difference in long-term company value?  Which action you should do first?  Are you asking yourself what the path forward is or could be? Or even if there is one? Don’t know where to turn?

Tap into our decades of experience working with companies across many industries and many sizes from growth companies to middle market to major public companies.  We will assess eight areas of your business:

  • Growth potential
  • Financial performance (including cost structure)
  • Structure (how dependent on one employee, customer or supplier)
  • Cash flow – is your business a cash spigot?
  • Recurring revenue
  • Monopoly control
  • Customer satisfaction
  • How would your business perform without you?

The Turnaround Action Plan will include utilizing the largest database of private company benchmark data AND a quantifiable method of assessing what actions will provide the best answer long term. We will bring our decades of experience leading change to recommend priorities. This is will be an actionable, high level plan that you and your team can implement yourself. These are designed to be quick and impactful, so you can implement changes and see results as soon as possible.  

Alternatively, we can also provide an ongoing package to advise and support you through the implementation process.  Set up a call or Email to discuss.